A collection of properties that describes how a CloudKit operation should behave.


class Configuration : NSObject


All of the properties in a CKOperationConfiguration have a default value. When determining which properties to apply to a CloudKit operation, consult the operation's configuration property as well as the defaultConfiguration property of the group that the operation belongs to. These properties are combined through the following rules:

Group default configuration value

Operation configuration value

Value applied to operation

default value

default value

default value

default value

explicit value

operation.configuration explicit value

explicit value

default value

group.defaultConfiguration explicit value

explicit value

explicit value

operation.configuration explicit value


Preparing a Configuration

var allowsCellularAccess: Bool

A Boolean value indicating whether the operations using this configuration may send data over the cell network.

var container: CKContainer?

The container associated with this configuration.

var isLongLived: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates if the operations using this configuration are long lived.

var qualityOfService: QualityOfService

The relative amount of importance of granting system resources to the operations using this configuration.

var timeoutIntervalForRequest: TimeInterval

The timeout interval to use when waiting for additional data.

var timeoutIntervalForResource: TimeInterval

The maximum amount of time that a resource request is allowed to take.


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Grouping Operation Execution

class CKOperationGroup

An object that allows CloudKit operations to be grouped to align with user actions.