Initializes and returns an operation object that returns more results from a previous search.


convenience init(cursor: CKQueryOperation.Cursor)



The cursor object identifying the previous search. This value is passed to the completion block of the previous search. For more information, see the queryCompletionBlock property.

Return Value

An initialized operation object ready to continue the search.


Use this method to initialize a query operation that retrieves the next batch of results from a previous search. When executing searches based on a cursor, do not cache cursor objects for a long time before using them. A cursor is not a snapshot of the previous search results; it stores a relative offset into the results list. An operation object created using a cursor performs a new search, sorts the new set of results, and uses the previous offset value to determine where the next batch of results starts.

See Also

Initializing the Operation Object

init(query: CKQuery)

Initializes and returns an operation object configured to search for records in the specified zone.

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