Instance Property


The query to use for the search.


@NSCopying var query: CKQuery? { get set }


You set the initial value of this property with the init(query:) method. When the value in the cursor property is nil, the query operation uses the CKQuery object in this property to execute a new search and return the results to your completion handler. If the cursor value is not nil, the cursor is used instead.

If you intend to specify or change the value of this property, do so before executing the operation or submitting the operation object to a queue.

See Also

Configuring the Operation Object

var cursor: CKQueryOperation.Cursor?

The data cursor to use for continuing the search.

var zoneID: CKRecordZone.ID?

The ID of the zone containing the records to search.

var resultsLimit: Int

The maximum number of records to return at one time.