The abstract base class for CloudKit subscriptions.


class CKQuerySubscription : CKSubscription



Accessing the Subscription Search Parameters

var predicate: NSPredicate

The matching criteria to apply to records.

var querySubscriptionOptions: CKQuerySubscription.Options

Option flags describing the firing behavior of the subscription

Accessing the Subscription Metadata

var zoneID: CKRecordZone.ID?

Zone that this query subscription is scoped to.


struct CKQuerySubscription.Options

Configuration options for a subscription.


class CKSubscription

Use a CKSubscription object to track changes occurring on the server.

See Also

Notifications and Subscriptions

class CKRecordZoneNotification

A notification that is triggered by changes to the contents of a record zone.

class CKDatabaseNotification

A notification that is triggered by changes to the contents of a database.


Notifications are used to inform your application of changes made by another device.

Subscription Operations

Subscriptions are used to request notifications of specific subsets of data changes.

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