Instance Property


A reference to the share associated with the sharing of this record.


@NSCopying var share: CKRecord.Reference? { get }


The share property (CKRecord.Reference) on a record will be removed when the corresponding CKShare object is deleted from the server. Send this record in the same batch as the share that is being deleted, and this record’s share property will be updated.

Sharing is only supported in zones with the CKRecordZoneCapabilitySharing capability. The default zone does not support sharing.

If any records have a parent reference to this record, they are implicitly shared alongside this record.

See Also

Sharing Records

var parent: CKRecord.Reference?

A reference to the parent record to this record.

func setParent(CKRecord?)

Creates and sets a reference object for a parent from its record.

func setParent(CKRecord.ID?)

Creates and sets a reference object for a parent from the parent’s record ID.

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