Instance Method


Initializes and returns a reference object that points to the specified record object.


- (instancetype)initWithRecord:(CKRecord *)record action:(CKReferenceAction)action;



The target record of the reference.


The ownership options to put in place for the records. If you specify the CKReferenceActionDeleteSelf option, the object referred to by the recordID parameter becomes the owner of any objects that use this reference object. For a list of possible values, see CKReferenceAction.

Return Value

An initialized reference object that points to the specified record, or nil if the reference cannot be initialized.


Use this method to initialize a reference to a local record object. The local record can be one that you just created or one that you fetched previously from the server.

When you create a reference object for use in a search predicate, the predicate ignores the value in the action parameter. Search predicates use only the ID of the record during their comparison.

See Also

Initializing a Reference Object

- initWithRecordID:action:

Initializes and returns a reference object that points to the record with the specified ID.

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