A reference to a shared record.


Creating a Share

init(coder: NSCoder)

Initializes and returns a share object.

init(rootRecord: CKRecord)

Initializes and returns a share object.

init(rootRecord: CKRecord, shareID: CKRecordID)

Initializes and returns a share object.

Configuring the Share Object

var publicPermission: CKShareParticipantPermission

Definition of permissions new users joining this share will have initially.

func addParticipant(CKShareParticipant)

Adds a participant to this share.

func removeParticipant(CKShareParticipant)

Removes a participant from the share.

Accessing the Share Metadata

var url: URL?

A URL that can be used to invite participants to this share.

var currentUserParticipant: CKShareParticipant?

The current user’s metadata for this share.

var owner: CKShareParticipant

The share owner’s metadata.

var participants: [CKShareParticipant]

An array containing metadata objects for all participants in this share.


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Shared Content

class CKShareMetadata

A reference to the metadata for a shared record.

class CKShareParticipant

A reference to a person who accepted a shared record.

Share Operations

Operations are used to communicate shared information with CloudKit.