Instance Property


Definition of permissions new users joining this share will have initially.


var publicPermission: CKShare_Participant_Permission { get set }


Shares with publicPermission more permissive than CKShareParticipantPermissionNone are joinable by any user with access to the share’s URL. If the value is set to CKShareParticipantPermissionReadWrite, then those users can also create and modify records in the share. By default, public permission is CKShareParticipantPermissionNone. Changing the public permission to CKShareParticipantPermissionNone results in all public participants being removed when the share is saved.

See Also

Configuring the Share Object

func addParticipant(CKShare.Participant)

Adds a participant to this share.

func removeParticipant(CKShare.Participant)

Removes a participant from the share.