A reference to a person who accepted a shared record.


class Participant : NSObject


Accessing the Participant Metadata

var acceptanceStatus: CKShare_Participant_AcceptanceStatus

The current state of the user’s acceptance of this share. (read-only)

var permission: CKShare_Participant_Permission

The permission level that the user has for this share.

var type: CKShare_Participant_ParticipantType

The participant type.

var userIdentity: CKUserIdentity

The identity of the participant. (read-only)


enum CKShare_Participant_AcceptanceStatus

The status of a participant.

enum CKShare_Participant_Permission

The permissions granted to the participant.

enum CKShare_Participant_ParticipantType

The type of participant.



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Shared Content

class CKShare

A reference to a shared record.

class CKShare.Metadata

A reference to the metadata for a shared record.

Share Operations

Operations are used to communicate shared information with CloudKit.

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