CloudKit Error Info Keys

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The value of this key is an NSNumber object containing the number of seconds after which you may retry a request. This key may be included in the userInfo dictionary of an error object when the type of the error is CKErrorServiceUnavailable or CKErrorRequestRateLimited.


The key you use to retrieve partial error results. The value of this key is an NSDictionary object that maps an item ID object to an error object. The type of each item ID object is dependent on where the partial error occurs. For example, if you receive a partial error when modifying CKRecord objects, each key is a CKRecordID object corresponding to a record that was not modified.


A key whose value is the original CKRecord object that you used as the basis for making your changes.


A key whose value is the CKRecord object that you tried to save. This record is based on the record in the CKRecordChangedErrorAncestorRecordKey key but contains the additional changes you made.


A key whose value is the CKRecord object that was found on the server.

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Error codes that are returned by CloudKit.


The domain for CloudKit errors. This constant is used whenever an NSError is thrown with regard to an error generated by CloudKit.