Database Operations

Operations used to look up users and maintain the state of the app's badge.


Base Classes

class CKOperation

The abstract base class for all operations that can be executed against a CloudKit database.

class CKDatabaseOperation

The abstract parent class for operations that act on databases in CloudKit.

User Identities

class CKDiscoverAllUserIdentitiesOperation

An operation that finds all discoverable users in the device’s contacts.

class CKDiscoverUserIdentitiesOperation

An operation that fetches user identities.

App Icon

class CKModifyBadgeOperation

A modify badge operation object updates the badge value applied to the app’s icon.



class CKDiscoverAllContactsOperation

An operation that retrieves the IDs of all discoverable users that are also in the user’s address book.

class CKDiscoveredUserInfo

An object that contains information about a discoverable user in a database.

class CKDiscoverUserInfosOperation

An object that retrieves the IDs for discoverable users whose email addresses or user record IDs you already know.


See Also

Database Management

class CKContainer

An encapsulation of content associated with an app.

class CKDatabase

A conduit for accessing and performing operations on the data of an app container.

class CKUserIdentity

A reference to a user.

class CKUserIdentity.LookupInfo

An object that represents information you use to fetch users.

struct CKContainer_Application_Permissions

Constants indicating the permissions granted to the app by the user.