Data Races

Detects unsynchronized access to mutable state across multiple threads.


This check detects when multiple threads access the same memory without synchronization and at least one access is a write.

Data Race with Producer and Consumer Functions

In the following example, the producer() function sets the global variable message, and the consumer() function waits for a flag to be set before printing the message. Because producer() is executed on one thread and consumer() is executed on another thread, order cannot be guaranteed, creating a data race.

var message: String? = nil
var messageIsAvailable: Bool = false
// Executed on Thread #1
func producer() {
    message = "hello!"
    messageIsAvailable = true
// Executed on Thread #2
func consumer() {
    repeat {
    } while !messageIsAvailable


Use Dispatch APIs to coordinate access to message across multiple threads.

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