Invalid Boolean

Detects when a program accesses a Boolean variable and its value isn’t true or false.


This check detects accesses a Boolean variable when its value isn’t true or false. This problem can occur when an integer or pointer is used without an appropriate cast. The use of out-of-range Boolean values has undefined behavior, which can be difficult to debug.

Invalid Boolean Variable Access in C

The intent of the following code is to call the success function when result is nonzero. However, because a Boolean check is used, the compiler may, as an optimization, only emit instructions that check the least-significant bit of predicate, which is 0, causing a logic error.

int result = 2;
bool *predicate = (bool *)&result;
if (*predicate) { // Error: variable is not a valid Boolean


Use integer comparison instead of a Boolean check.

int result = 2;
if (result != 0) { // Correct

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