Instance Property


Returns the UUID of the identity as a string.


var uuidString: String { get }

Return Value

The UUID string of the identity.


The UUID string is generated so it is unique across all identity authorities. When storing ACLs, one method is to store the UUID of each identity. However, it is recommended that you use a persistent data object instead (see persistentReference).

See Also

Getting Identity Attributes

var aliases: [String]

Returns an array of aliases (alternate names) for the identity.

var authority: CBIdentityAuthority

Returns the identity authority where the identity is stored.

var emailAddress: String?

Returns the email address of an identity.

var fullName: String

Returns the full name of the identity.

var image: NSImage?

Returns the image associated with an identity.


Returns a Boolean value indicating the state of the identity’s hidden property.

func isMember(ofGroup: CBGroupIdentity) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the identity is a member of the specified group.

var posixName: String

Returns the POSIX name of the identity.