Instance Property


Returns the email address of an identity.


var emailAddress: String? { get }

Return Value

The email address of an identity or nil if none exists.

See Also

Getting Identity Attributes

var aliases: [String]

Returns an array of aliases (alternate names) for the identity.

var authority: CBIdentityAuthority

Returns the identity authority where the identity is stored.

var fullName: String

Returns the full name of the identity.

var image: NSImage?

Returns the image associated with an identity.


Returns a Boolean value indicating the state of the identity’s hidden property.

func isMember(ofGroup: CBGroupIdentity) -> Bool

Returns a Boolean value indicating whether the identity is a member of the specified group.

var posixName: String

Returns the POSIX name of the identity.

var uuidString: String

Returns the UUID of the identity as a string.