Generic Class


A publisher that eventually produces a single value and then finishes or fails.


final class Future<Output, Failure> where Failure : Error


Creating a Future

init((@escaping Future<Output, Failure>.Promise) -> Void)

Creates a publisher that invokes a promise closure when the publisher emits an element.

typealias Future.Promise

A type that represents a closure to invoke in the future, when an element or error is available.

Instance Methods

func max() -> Publishers.Comparison<Future<Output, Failure>>
func min() -> Publishers.Comparison<Future<Output, Failure>>
func switchToLatest() -> Publishers.SwitchToLatest<Output, Future<Output, Failure>>


Conforms To

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Convenience Publishers

struct Just

A publisher that emits an output to each subscriber just once, and then finishes.

struct Deferred

A publisher that awaits subscription before running the supplied closure to create a publisher for the new subscriber.

struct Empty

A publisher that never publishes any values, and optionally finishes immediately.

struct Fail

A publisher that immediately terminates with the specified error.

struct Record

A publisher that allows for recording a series of inputs and a completion, for later playback to each subscriber.


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