Generic Instance Method


Specifies the scheduler on which to receive elements from the publisher.


func receive<S>(on scheduler: S, options: S.SchedulerOptions? = nil) -> Publishers.ReceiveOn<Publishers.Concatenate<Prefix, Suffix>, S> where S : Scheduler



The scheduler the publisher is to use for element delivery.


Scheduler options that customize the element delivery.

Return Value

A publisher that delivers elements using the specified scheduler.


You use the receive(on:options:) operator to receive results on a specific scheduler, such as performing UI work on the main run loop. In contrast with subscribe(on:options:), which affects upstream messages, receive(on:options:) changes the execution context of downstream messages. In the following example, requests to jsonPublisher are performed on backgroundQueue, but elements received from it are performed on RunLoop.main.

let jsonPublisher = MyJSONLoaderPublisher() // Some publisher.
let labelUpdater = MyLabelUpdateSubscriber() // Some subscriber that updates the UI.

    .subscribe(on: backgroundQueue)
    .receiveOn(on: RunLoop.main)

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