Instance Method


Publishes a single Boolean value that indicates whether all received elements pass a given error-throwing predicate.


func tryAllSatisfy(_ predicate: @escaping (Upstream.Output) throws -> Bool) -> Publishers.TryAllSatisfy<Publishers.Share<Upstream>>



A closure that evaluates each received element. Return true to continue, or false to cancel the upstream and complete. The closure may throw, in which case the publisher cancels the upstream publisher and fails with the thrown error.

Return Value

A publisher that publishes a Boolean value that indicates whether all received elements pass a given predicate.


When this publisher receives an element, it runs the predicate against the element. If the predicate returns false, the publisher produces a false value and finishes. If the upstream publisher finishes normally, this publisher produces a true value and finishes. If the predicate throws an error, the publisher fails, passing the error to its downstream. As a reduce-style operator, this publisher produces at most one value. Backpressure note: Upon receiving any request greater than zero, this publisher requests unlimited elements from the upstream publisher.

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