Frees any memory allocated by stream initialization function.


func compression_stream_destroy(_ stream: UnsafeMutablePointer<compression_stream>) -> compression_status



A pointer to an allocated and initialized compression_stream structure.

Return Value

A value of type compression_status, interpreted as follows:


Note that compression_stream_destroy(_:) doesn't free the stream object or the buffers allocated by the caller.

See Also

Multiple-Step Compression

Compressing and Decompressing Files with Stream Compression

Perform compression or the appropriate kind of decompression to a file based on its path extension.

struct compression_stream

A structure representing a compression stream.

func compression_stream_process(UnsafeMutablePointer<compression_stream>, Int32) -> compression_status

Performs compression or decompression using an initialized compression stream structure.

struct compression_status

A set of values used to represent the status of stream compression.

struct compression_stream_flags

A set of values used to represent stream compression flags.

struct compression_stream_operation

A set of values used to represent a stream compression operation.