A set of values used to represent stream compression flags.


struct compression_stream_flags


Flag Constants

var COMPRESSION_STREAM_FINALIZE: compression_stream_flags

Indicates that the operation will add no further input blocks to the stream.



Creates a new constant from the given raw value.

init(rawValue: UInt32)

Creates a new constant from the given raw value.

Instance Properties

var rawValue: UInt32

The raw value of the constant.


See Also

Multiple-Step Compression

Compressing and Decompressing Files with Stream Compression

Perform compression or the appropriate kind of decompression to a file based on its path extension.

struct compression_stream

A structure representing a compression stream.

func compression_stream_process(UnsafeMutablePointer<compression_stream>, Int32) -> compression_status

Performs compression or decompression using an initialized compression stream structure.

struct compression_status

A set of values used to represent the status of stream compression.

struct compression_stream_operation

A set of values used to represent a stream compression operation.

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