An object that represents a property of a contact.


class CNContactProperty : NSObject


A contact (that is, an instance of CNContact) has properties, such as givenName, phoneNumbers, and jobTitle. Each property is represented by an instance of CNContactProperty, which provides a tuple that can contain three or five values, depending on whether the property is a member of an array of labeled values. For example, the phoneNumbers property is a member of an array of labeled values, so the CNContactProperty tuple contains the contact, key, value, identifier, and label. For the givenName property, which is not contained in a labeled array, CNContactProperty returns a tuple that contains the contact, key, and value. The CNContactProperty class is used by CNContactPicker to return the user's selected property.


Getting the Contact Object

var contact: CNContact

The associated contact.

Getting the Property Information

var key: String

The key of the contact property.

var value: Any?

The value of the property.

var label: String?

The label of the labeled value of the property array.

var identifier: String?

The identifier of the labeled value in the array of labeled.

Handling Exceptions

let CNContactPropertyNotFetchedExceptionName: String

Exception thrown when an accessed property was not fetched.


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Generic Types

class CNLabeledValue

An immutable object that combines a contact property value with a label that describes that property.

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