Instance Method


Requests access to the user's contacts.


- (void)requestAccessForEntityType:(CNEntityType)entityType completionHandler:(void (^)(BOOL granted, NSError *error))completionHandler;



Set to CNEntityTypeContacts.


Set granted to YES if the user allows access and error is nil.


Users grant or deny access to contact data on a per-app basis. Request access to contact data by calling the requestAccessForEntityType:completionHandler: method, which returns right away. The first time your app calls this method, the system prompts the user to grant or deny access to your app. The system then saves the user's response and does not prompt them again.

The system executes completionHandler on an arbitrary queue. It is recommended that you use CNContactStore instance methods in this completion handler instead of the UI main thread. This method is optional when CNContactStore is used in the background thread. If you don't request access, CNContactStore may block your app while asking the user for access.

See Also

Requesting Access to the User's Contacts

+ authorizationStatusForEntityType:

Returns the current authorization status to access the contact data.


An authorization status the user can grant for an app to access the specified entity type.


The entities the user can grant access to.