Instance Method


Fetches the unified contact that is the "me" card.


func unifiedMeContactWithKeys(toFetch keys: [CNKeyDescriptor]) throws -> CNContact



The properties to fetch in the returned CNContact object.


Error information, if an error occurred.

Return Value

The unified contact that is the "me" card or nil if no "me" card is set.


In the user interface, the "me" contact is represented by "My Card." It is recommended that you fetch only the properties you expect to use. You can combine contact keys and contact key descriptors together.

See Also

Fetching Contacts

func enumerateContacts(with: CNContactFetchRequest, usingBlock: (CNContact, UnsafeMutablePointer<ObjCBool>) -> Void)

Returns a Boolean value that indicates whether the enumeration of all contacts matching a contact fetch request executed successfully.

func unifiedContact(withIdentifier: String, keysToFetch: [CNKeyDescriptor]) -> CNContact

Fetches a unified contact for the specified contact identifier.

func unifiedContacts(matching: NSPredicate, keysToFetch: [CNKeyDescriptor]) -> [CNContact]

Fetches all unified contacts matching the specified predicate.