Instance Method


Fetches all groups matching the specified predicate.


func groups(matching predicate: NSPredicate?) throws -> [CNGroup]



The predicate to use to fetch the matching groups. Set predicate to nil to match all groups.


Error information, if an error occurred.

Return Value

An array of CNGroup objects that match the predicate.


This method returns an empty array when no matching groups are found. If an error occurs, this method returns nil. You should use only the predicates defined in CNGroup class predicates. Compound predicates are not supported. Contacts may be members of one or more groups, depending upon the account they come from.

See Also

Fetching Groups and Containers

func defaultContainerIdentifier() -> String

Returns the identifier of the default container.

func containers(matching: NSPredicate?) -> [CNContainer]

Fetches all containers matching the specified predicate.