An object you use to convert to and from a vCard representation of the user's contacts.


class CNContactVCardSerialization : NSObject


Extracting Contacts from a vCard

class func contacts(with: Data) -> [CNContact]

Returns the contacts from the vCard data.

Getting a vCard for Contacts

class func data(with: [CNContact]) -> Data

Returns the vCard representation of the specified contacts.

Getting a Descriptor

class func descriptorForRequiredKeys() -> CNKeyDescriptor

Use to fetch all contact keys required to create vCard data from a contact.


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class CNContactFormatter

An object that you use to format contact information before displaying it to the user.

class CNPostalAddressFormatter

An object that you use to format a contact's postal addresses.

class CNContactsUserDefaults

An object that defines the default options to use when displaying contacts.

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