A mutable representation of the postal address for a contact.


class CNMutablePostalAddress : CNPostalAddress


CNMutablePostalAddress is not a thread-safe class. To remove properties when saving a mutable postal address, set string properties to empty values.


Modifying the Parts of a Postal Address

var street: String

The street name of the address.

var city: String

The city name of the address.

var state: String

The state name of the address.

var postalCode: String

The postal code of the address.

var country: String

The country name of the address.

var isoCountryCode: String

The ISO country code, using the ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 standard.

var subAdministrativeArea: String

The subadministrative area (such as a county or other region) in a postal address.

var subLocality: String

Additional information associated with the location, typically defined at the city or town level, in a postal address.


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class CNPostalAddress

An immutable representation of the postal address for a contact.

class CNInstantMessageAddress

An immutable object representing an instant message address for the contact.

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