A popover-based interface for selecting a contact.


class CNContactPicker : NSObject


Before displaying the popover, configure the displayedKeys property with the information you want to display in the interface.


Responding to Picker Interactions

var delegate: CNContactPickerDelegate?

The picker delegate to be notified when the user chooses a contact.

protocol CNContactPickerDelegate

The methods that you implement to respond to contact-picker user events.

Configuring the Picker Contents

var displayedKeys: [String]

The keys to be displayed when a contact is expanded.

Displaying the Popover

func showRelative(to: NSRect, of: NSView, preferredEdge: NSRectEdge)

Shows the picker popover anchored to the specified view.

Closing the Popover

func close()

Closes the popover.


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Contact Pickers

class CNContactPickerViewController

A view controller that displays an interface for picking contacts.