A view controller that displays a new, unknown, or existing contact.


iOS, Mac Catalyst
class CNContactViewController : UIViewController
class CNContactViewController : NSViewController


Present a CNContactViewController object when you want to display information about one of the user's contacts. At creation time, you specify the type of contact you want to display: new, unknown, or existing.


Creating the Contact Viewer

init(for: CNContact)

Initializes a view controller for an existing contact.

init(forUnknownContact: CNContact)

Initializes a view controller for an unknown contact.

init(forNewContact: CNContact?)

Initializes a view controller for a new contact.

Handling Interactions with the Interface

protocol CNContactViewControllerDelegate

Methods you use to respond to user interactions with a contact view controller.

Required Keys

class func descriptorForRequiredKeys() -> CNKeyDescriptor

Returns the descriptor for all the keys that must be fetched on the contact before setting it on the view controller.

Displaying Contact Properties

var contact: CNContact

The contact being displayed.

var alternateName: String?

The name to use if the contact has no display name.

var message: String?

The message displayed under the name of the contact.

var displayedPropertyKeys: [Any]?

The contact property keys to display.

Configuring the Contact's Relationships

var parentGroup: CNGroup?

The group in which to add a new contact.

var parentContainer: CNContainer?

The container in which to add a new contact.

Contact Store

var contactStore: CNContactStore?

The contact store from which the contact was fetched or to which it will be saved.

Customizing Contact Card

var allowsEditing: Bool

Determines whether the user can edit the contact’s information.

var allowsActions: Bool

Determines whether to display buttons for actions such as sending a text message or initiating a FaceTime call.

var shouldShowLinkedContacts: Bool

Determines whether to display data from contacts that are linked to the contact being displayed.

Highlighting a Property

func highlightProperty(withKey: String, identifier: String?)

Highlights the property of the contact being displayed.

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