Core Audio Kit

Add user interfaces to audio units.


The Core Audio Kit framework provides an Objective-C interface you can use to add user interfaces to Cocoa audio units.



class AUGenericView

An AUGenericView object, or generic view, provides a generic user interface for a Cocoa audio unit.

class AUPannerView

An AUPannerView object, or panner view, provides a user interface that is specialized for a Cocoa-based Panner audio unit.

class AUViewController

The superclass used when creating a custom user interface for an audio unit.

class CABTMIDICentralViewController

A CABTMIDICentralViewController object is a view controller that presents a user interface that displays nearby Bluetooth-based MIDI peripherals. The user can select one of those peripherals and pair it with their IOS device.

class CABTMIDILocalPeripheralViewController

A CABTMIDILocalPeripheralViewController object is a view controller that advertises the iOS device as a Bluetooth-based MIDI peripheral.

class CAInterDeviceAudioViewController

A view controller object that manages a view displaying iOS devices that are connected to the Mac and support inter-device audio.


protocol AUCustomViewPersistentData

The delegate of a Cocoa-based audio unit view must adopt the AUCustomViewPersistentData protocol to support preserving view state between uses of the associated audio unit. The view data is an opaque dictionary that can contain any user-interface state information that the view needs to preserve.