Error codes used in NSError objects returned by AVAudioSession methods.


enum AVAudioSessionErrorCode : AVAudioInteger



case none

The operation succeeded.

case mediaServicesFailed

An attempt was made to use the audio session during or after a Media Services failure.

case isBusy

An attempt was made to set its audio session inactive, but it is still actively playing and/or recording.

case incompatibleCategory

An attempt was made to perform an operation not permitted in its current category.

case cannotInterruptOthers

An attempt was made to make a nonmixable audio session active while the app was in the background.

case missingEntitlement

An attempt was made to perform an operation for which the app does not have the required entitlements.

case siriIsRecording

An attempt was made to perform an operation that is not allowed while Siri is recording.

case cannotStartPlaying

An attempt was made to start audio playback, but playback is not allowed.

case cannotStartRecording

An attempt was made to start audio recording, but failed.

case badParam

An attempt was made to set a property to an illegal value.

case insufficientPriority

The application was not allowed to set the audio category because it is in use by another application.

case resourceNotAvailable

An operation that failed because the device doesn’t have sufficient hardware resources to complete the action.

case unspecified

No further error information is available. This error type typically results when the audio system is in an inconsistent state.

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