CoreAudioType Structures

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struct AudioBuffer

Holds and describes a buffer of audio data.

struct AudioBufferList

Holds a variable-length array of AudioBuffer structures.

struct AudioChannelDescription

Describes an audio data channel.

struct AudioChannelLayout

Specifies a channel layout in a file or in hardware.

struct AudioClassDescription

Describes an installed codec.

struct AudioStreamBasicDescription

An audio data format specification for a stream of audio.

struct AudioStreamPacketDescription

Describes one packet in a buffer of audio data where the sizes of the packets differ or where there is non-audio data between audio packets.

struct AudioTimeStamp

Holds multiple representations of a time stamp.

struct AudioValueRange

Holds a pair of numbers that represent a continuous range of values.

struct AudioValueTranslation

Holds buffers used in translation operations.

struct SMPTETime

Specifies a time stamp as one of the SMPTE time types.