Instance Method


Cancels an active or pending local connection to a peripheral.


- (void)cancelPeripheralConnection:(CBPeripheral *)peripheral;



The peripheral to which the central manager is either trying to connect or has already connected.


This method is nonblocking, and any CBPeripheral class commands that are still pending to peripheral may not complete. Because other apps may still have a connection to the peripheral, canceling a local connection doesn’t guarantee that the underlying physical link is immediately disconnected. From the app’s perspective, however, the peripheral is effectively disconnected, and the central manager object calls the centralManager:didDisconnectPeripheral:error: method of its delegate object.

See Also

Establishing or Canceling Connections with Peripherals

- connectPeripheral:options:

Establishes a local connection to a peripheral.

Peripheral Connection Options

Keys used to pass options when connecting to a peripheral.