Central Manager Initialization Options

Keys used to pass options when initializing a central manager.



let CBCentralManagerOptionShowPowerAlertKey: String

A Boolean value that specifies whether the system should warn the user if the app instantiates the central manager while Bluetooth is powered off.

let CBCentralManagerOptionRestoreIdentifierKey: String

A string containing a unique identifier (UID) for the central manager to instantiate.

See Also

Initializing a Central Manager


Initializes the central manager without a delegate.

init(delegate: CBCentralManagerDelegate?, queue: DispatchQueue?)

Initializes the central manager with a specified delegate and dispatch queue.

init(delegate: CBCentralManagerDelegate?, queue: DispatchQueue?, options: [String : Any]?)

Initializes the central manager with specified delegate, dispatch queue, and initialization options.

Central Manager State Restoration Options

Keys used to pass state restoration options to the central manager initializer.