CBCentralManager objects are used to manage discovered or connected remote peripheral devices (represented by CBPeripheral objects), including scanning for, discovering, and connecting to advertising peripherals.


@interface CBCentralManager : CBManager


Before you call CBCentralManager methods, the state of the central manager object must be powered on, as indicated by the CBCentralManagerStatePoweredOn constant. This state indicates that the central device (your iPhone or iPad, for instance) supports Bluetooth low energy and that Bluetooth is on and available to use.


Initializing a Central Manager

- initWithDelegate:queue:

Initializes the central manager with a specified delegate and dispatch queue.

- initWithDelegate:queue:options:

Initializes the central manager with specified delegate, dispatch queue, and initialization options.

Establishing or Canceling Connections with Peripherals

- connectPeripheral:options:

Establishes a local connection to a peripheral.

- cancelPeripheralConnection:

Cancels an active or pending local connection to a peripheral.

Retrieving Lists of Peripherals

- retrieveConnectedPeripheralsWithServices:

Returns a list of the peripherals (containing any of the specified services) currently connected to the system.

- retrievePeripheralsWithIdentifiers:

Returns a list of known peripherals by their identifiers.

Scanning or Stopping Scans of Peripherals

- scanForPeripheralsWithServices:options:

Scans for peripherals that are advertising services.

- stopScan

Asks the central manager to stop scanning for peripherals.

Monitoring Properties


The delegate object you want to receive central events.



Values representing the current state of a central manager object.



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