Instance Method


Tells the delegate the central manager failed to create a connection with a peripheral.


optional func centralManager(_ central: CBCentralManager, didFailToConnect peripheral: CBPeripheral, error: Error?)



The central manager that provides this information.


The peripheral that failed to connect.


The cause of the failure, or nil if no error occurred.


The manager invokes this method when a connection initiated with the connect(_:options:) method fails to complete. Because connection attempts don’t time out, a failed connection usually indicates a transient issue, in which case you may attempt connecting to the peripheral again.

See Also

Monitoring Connections with Peripherals

func centralManager(CBCentralManager, didConnect: CBPeripheral)

Tells the delegate that the central manager connected to a peripheral.

func centralManager(CBCentralManager, didDisconnectPeripheral: CBPeripheral, error: Error?)

Tells the delegate that the central manager disconnected from a peripheral.

func centralManager(CBCentralManager, connectionEventDidOccur: CBConnectionEvent, for: CBPeripheral)

Tells the delegate that a connection event occurred which matches the registered options.