A protocol that provides updates for the discovery and management of peripheral devices.


protocol CBCentralManagerDelegate


The CBCentralManagerDelegate protocol defines the methods that a delegate of a CBCentralManager object must adopt. The optional methods of the protocol allow the delegate to monitor the discovery, connectivity, and retrieval of peripheral devices. The only required method is centralManagerDidUpdateState(_:); the central manager calls this when its state updates, thereby indicating the availability of the central manager.


Monitoring Connections with Peripherals

func centralManager(CBCentralManager, didConnect: CBPeripheral)

Tells the delegate that the central manager connected to a peripheral.

func centralManager(CBCentralManager, didDisconnectPeripheral: CBPeripheral, error: Error?)

Tells the delegate that the central manager disconnected from a peripheral.

func centralManager(CBCentralManager, didFailToConnect: CBPeripheral, error: Error?)

Tells the delegate the central manager failed to create a connection with a peripheral.

func centralManager(CBCentralManager, connectionEventDidOccur: CBConnectionEvent, for: CBPeripheral)

Tells the delegate that a connection event occurred which matches the registered options.

Discovering and Retrieving Peripherals

func centralManager(CBCentralManager, didDiscover: CBPeripheral, advertisementData: [String : Any], rssi: NSNumber)

Tells the delegate the central manager discovered a peripheral while scanning for devices.

Advertisement Data Retrieval Keys

Keys used to specify items in a dictionary of peripheral advertisement data.

Monitoring the Central Manager’s State

func centralManagerDidUpdateState(CBCentralManager)

Tells the delegate the central manager’s state updated.


func centralManager(CBCentralManager, willRestoreState: [String : Any])

Tells the delegate the system is about to restore the central manager, as part of relaunching the app into the background.

Monitoring the Central Manager’s Authorization

func centralManager(CBCentralManager, didUpdateANCSAuthorizationFor: CBPeripheral)

Tells the delegate the authorization status changed for a ANCS-requiring connected peripheral.


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class CBCentral

A remote device connected to a local app, which is acting as a peripheral.

class CBCentralManager

An object that scans for, discovers, connects to, and manages peripherals.