A characteristic of a remote peripheral’s service.


class CBCharacteristic : CBAttribute


CBCharacteristic and its subclass CBMutableCharacteristic represent further information about a peripheral’s service. In particular, CBCharacteristic objects represent the characteristics of a remote peripheral’s service. A characteristic contains a single value and any number of descriptors describing that value. The properties of a characteristic determine how you can use a characteristic’s value, and how you access the descriptors.


Identifying a Characteristic

var service: CBService

The service to which this characteristic belongs.

Accessing Characteristic Data

var value: Data?

The value of the characteristic.

var descriptors: [CBDescriptor]?

A list of the descriptors discovered in this characteristic.

var properties: CBCharacteristicProperties

The properties of the characteristic.

struct CBCharacteristicProperties

Values that represent the possible properties of a characteristic.

var isNotifying: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the characteristic is currently notifying a subscribed central of its value.

var isBroadcasted: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the characteristic the service broadcasts this characteristic.



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class CBService

A collection of data and associated behaviors that accomplish a function or feature of a device.

class CBMutableService

A service with writeable property values.

class CBMutableCharacteristic

A characteristic of a local peripheral’s service.

class CBDescriptor

An object that provides further information about a remote peripheral’s characteristic.

class CBMutableDescriptor

An object that provides additional information about a local peripheral’s characteristic.