CBMutableDescriptor objects represent the descriptors of a local peripheral’s characteristic (local peripheral devices are represented by CBPeripheralManager objects).


class CBMutableDescriptor : CBDescriptor


You use the CBMutableDescriptor class to create a local characteristic descriptor. After you create a descriptor and associate it with a local characteristic, you can publish it (along with the characteristic and local service to which it belongs) to the peripheral’s local database via the add(_:) method of the CBPeripheralManager class. After you publish a local descriptor, the descriptor is cached and you can no longer make changes to it.

There are six predefined types of descriptors that—along with their corresponding value types—are detailed in CBUUID. That said, only two of these are currently supported when creating local, mutable descriptors: the characteristic user description descriptor and the characteristic format descriptor, represented by the CBUUID constants CBUUIDCharacteristicUserDescriptionString and CBUUIDCharacteristicFormatString, respectively. The system automatically creates the characteristic extended properties descriptor and the client characteristic configuration descriptor, depending on the properties of the characteristic to which the descriptor belongs.


Initializing a Mutable Descriptor

init(type: CBUUID, value: Any?)

Returns a newly initialized mutable descriptor with a specified value.


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