An object that represents a remote device.


class CBPeer : NSObject


The CBPeer class is an abstract base class that defines common behavior for objects representing remote devices. You typically don’t create instances of either CBPeer or its concrete subclasses. Instead, the system creates them for you during the process of peer discovery.

Your app takes the role of either a central (by creating an instance of CBCentralManager) or a peripheral (by creating an instance of CBPeripheralManager), and interacts through the manager with remote devices in the opposite role. During the process of peer discovery, where a central device scans for peripherals advertising services, the system creates objects from the concrete subclasses of CBPeer to represent discovered remote devices. The concrete subclasses of CBPeer are CBPeripheral and CBCentral.


Identifying a Peer

var identifier: UUID

The UUID associated with the peer.


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Supporting Types

class CBManager

The abstract base class that manages central and peripheral objects.

class CBATTRequest

A request that uses the Attribute Protocol (ATT).

class CBUUID

A universally unique identifier, as defined by Bluetooth standards.