Instance Method


Invoked when a local peripheral device is again ready to send characteristic value updates.


optional func peripheralManagerIsReady(toUpdateSubscribers peripheral: CBPeripheralManager)



The peripheral manager providing this information.


When a call to the updateValue(_:for:onSubscribedCentrals:) method fails because the underlying queue used to transmit the updated characteristic value is full, the peripheralManagerIsReady(toUpdateSubscribers:) method is invoked when more space in the transmit queue becomes available. You can then implement this delegate method to resend the value.

See Also

Monitoring Subscriptions to Characteristic Values

func peripheralManager(CBPeripheralManager, central: CBCentral, didSubscribeTo: CBCharacteristic)

Invoked when a remote central device subscribes to a characteristic’s value.

func peripheralManager(CBPeripheralManager, central: CBCentral, didUnsubscribeFrom: CBCharacteristic)

Invoked when a remote central device unsubscribes from a characteristic’s value.