Instance Method


Tells the delegate that a local peripheral device is ready to send characteristic value updates.


- (void)peripheralManagerIsReadyToUpdateSubscribers:(CBPeripheralManager *)peripheral;



The peripheral manager that sends characteristic value updates.


When a call to the updateValue:forCharacteristic:onSubscribedCentrals: method fails because the underlying queue used to transmit the updated characteristic value is full, Core Bluetooth calls the peripheralManagerIsReadyToUpdateSubscribers: method when more space in the transmit queue becomes available. You can then implement this delegate method to resend the value.

See Also

Monitoring Subscriptions to Characteristic Values

- peripheralManager:central:didSubscribeToCharacteristic:

Tells the delegate that a remote central device subscribed to a characteristic’s value.

- peripheralManager:central:didUnsubscribeFromCharacteristic:

Tells the delegate that a remote central device unsubscribed from a characteristic’s value.