Instance Method


Invoked when a remote central device subscribes to a characteristic’s value.


- (void)peripheralManager:(CBPeripheralManager *)peripheral central:(CBCentral *)central didSubscribeToCharacteristic:(CBCharacteristic *)characteristic;



The peripheral manager providing this information.


The remote central device that subscribed to the characteristic’s value.


The characteristic whose value has been subscribed to.


This method is invoked when a remote central device subscribes to the value of one of the local peripheral’s characteristics, by enabling notifications or indications on the characteristic’s value. You should use the invocation of this method as a cue to start sending the subscribed central updates as the characteristic’s value changes. To send updated characteristic values to subscribed centrals, use the updateValue:forCharacteristic:onSubscribedCentrals: method of the CBPeripheralManager class.

See Also

Monitoring Subscriptions to Characteristic Values

- peripheralManager:central:didUnsubscribeFromCharacteristic:

Invoked when a remote central device unsubscribes from a characteristic’s value.

- peripheralManagerIsReadyToUpdateSubscribers:

Invoked when a local peripheral device is again ready to send characteristic value updates.

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