Instance Method


Tells the delegate that a local peripheral device received an Attribute Protocol (ATT) write request for a characteristic with a dynamic value.


- (void)peripheralManager:(CBPeripheralManager *)peripheral didReceiveWriteRequests:(NSArray<CBATTRequest *> *)requests;



The peripheral manager that received the request.


A list of one or more CBATTRequest objects, each representing a request to write the value of a characteristic.


In the same way that you respond to a read request, each time you receive this callback, call the respondToRequest:withResult: method of the CBPeripheralManager class exactly once. If the requests parameter contains multiple requests, treat them as you would a single request—if you can’t fulfill an individual request, you shouldn’t fulfill any of them. Instead, call the respondToRequest:withResult: method immediately, and provide a result that indicates the cause of the failure.

When you respond to a write request, note that the first parameter of the respondToRequest:withResult: method expects a single CBATTRequest object, even though you received an array of them from the peripheralManager:didReceiveWriteRequests: method. To respond properly, pass in the first request of the requests array.

See Also

Receiving Read and Write Requests

- peripheralManager:didReceiveReadRequest:

Tells the delegate that a local peripheral received an Attribute Protocol (ATT) read request for a characteristic with a dynamic value.