Instance Method


Invoked when the peripheral manager is about to be restored by the system.


- (void)peripheralManager:(CBPeripheralManager *)peripheral willRestoreState:(NSDictionary<NSString *,id> *)dict;



The peripheral manager providing this information.


A dictionary containing information about the peripheral manager that was preserved by the system at the time the app was terminated. For the available keys to this dictionary, see Peripheral Manager State Restoration Options.


For apps that opt in to the state preservation and restoration feature of Core Bluetooth, this is the first method invoked when your app is relaunched into the background to complete some Bluetooth-related task. Use this method to synchronize the state of your app with the state of the Bluetooth system.

See Also

Monitoring Changes to the Peripheral Manager’s State

- peripheralManagerDidUpdateState:

Invoked when the peripheral manager's state is updated.


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