A collection of data and associated behaviors that accomplish a function or feature of a device.


class CBService : CBAttribute


CBService objects represent services of a remote peripheral. Services are either primary or secondary and may contain multiple characteristics or included services (references to other services).


Identifying a Service

var peripheral: CBPeripheral

The peripheral to which this service belongs.

var isPrimary: Bool

A Boolean value that indicates whether the type of service is primary or secondary.

Accessing Service Data

var characteristics: [CBCharacteristic]?

A list of characteristics discovered in this service.

var includedServices: [CBService]?

A list of included services discovered in this service.


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class CBMutableService

A service with writeable property values.

class CBCharacteristic

A characteristic of a remote peripheral’s service.

class CBMutableCharacteristic

A characteristic of a local peripheral’s service.

class CBDescriptor

An object that provides further information about a remote peripheral’s characteristic.

class CBMutableDescriptor

An object that provides additional information about a local peripheral’s characteristic.