Core Data Stack

Manage and persist your app’s model layer.


Core Data provides a set of classes that collaboratively support your app’s model layer:

Diagram showing that a persistent container instance contains references to a a managed object model, a managed object context, and a persistent store coordinator that connects to your app's stores.

You use an NSPersistentContainer to set up the model, context, and store coordinator all at once.


Stack Fundamentals

class NSPersistentContainer

A container that encapsulates the Core Data stack in your app.

class NSManagedObjectModel

A programmatic representation of the .xcdatamodeld file describing your objects.

class NSManagedObjectContext

An object space that you use to manipulate and track changes to managed objects.

class NSPersistentStoreCoordinator

A coordinator that uses the model to help contexts and persistent stores communicate.

See Also


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