Generic Class


A fetch result object that encompasses the response from an executed asynchronous fetch request.


class NSAsynchronousFetchResult<ResultType> : NSPersistentStoreAsynchronousResult where ResultType : NSFetchRequestResult


Getting Information About a Result

var fetchRequest: NSAsynchronousFetchRequest<ResultType>

The underlying fetch request that was executed.

var finalResult: [ResultType]?

The results that were received from the fetch request.


Conforms To

See Also

Fetch Requests

class NSFetchRequest

A description of search criteria used to retrieve data from a persistent store.

class NSAsynchronousFetchRequest

A fetch request that retrieves results asynchronously and supports progress notification.

class NSFetchedResultsController

A controller that you use to manage the results of a Core Data fetch request and to display data to the user.

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