Instance Method


Method invoked before the store removes the given collection of cache nodes.


- (void)willRemoveCacheNodes:(NSSet<__kindof NSAtomicStoreCacheNode *> *)cacheNodes;



The set of cache nodes to remove.


This method is invoked by the store before the call to save: with the collection of cache nodes marked as deleted by a managed object context. You can override this method to track the nodes which will not be made persistent in the save: method.

You should not invoke this method directly in a subclass.

See Also

Updating Cache Nodes

- newCacheNodeForManagedObject:

Returns a new cache node for a given managed object.

- newReferenceObjectForManagedObject:

Returns a new reference object for a given managed object.

- updateCacheNode:fromManagedObject:

Updates the given cache node using the values in a given managed object.