Instance Method


Returns the value for a given key.


func value(forKey key: String) -> Any?



The name of a property.

Return Value

The value for the property named key. For an attribute, the return value is an instance of an attribute type supported by Core Data (see NSAttributeDescription); for a to-one relationship, the return value must be another cache node instance; for a to-many relationship, the return value must be an collection of the related cache nodes.


The default implementation forwards the request to the propertyCache dictionary if key matches a property name of the entity for the cache node. If key does not represent a property, the standard value(forKey:) implementation is used.

See Also

Managing Node Data

var objectID: NSManagedObjectID

The managed object ID of the node.

var propertyCache: NSMutableDictionary?

The property cache dictionary of the node.

func setValue(Any?, forKey: String)

Sets the value for the given key.