Enumeration Case


An undefined attribute type.


case undefinedAttributeType = 0


NSUndefinedAttributeType is valid for transient properties—Core Data will still track the property as an id value and register undo/redo actions, and so on. NSUndefinedAttributeType is illegal for non-transient properties.

See Also

Attribute Types

case integer16AttributeType

A 16-bit signed integer attribute.

case integer32AttributeType

A 32-bit signed integer attribute.

case integer64AttributeType

A 64-bit signed integer attribute.

case decimalAttributeType

An NSDecimalNumber attribute.

case doubleAttributeType

A double attribute.

case floatAttributeType

A float attribute.

case stringAttributeType

An NSString attribute.

case booleanAttributeType

A Boolean attribute.

case dateAttributeType

An NSDate attribute.

case binaryDataAttributeType

An NSData attribute.

case transformableAttributeType

An attribute that uses a value transformer.

case objectIDAttributeType

The object ID attribute.

case URIAttributeType

A URI attribute.

case UUIDAttributeType

A UUID attribute.

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